Current Series

One Another

This series challenges us in our call to love one another. With that in mind, we will be looking at the characteristics of what that means - humility, encouraging one another, reconciliation, prayer, service, and celebrating one another.


The Book of Acts teaches the high qualities of spiritual maturity that we must expect from  leaders in the church. Leadership is about Godly servanthood.

Anything is Possible

Trusting in God, we can know that anything is possible as long as we are following God's plan for our lives.

Jesus at the Center

Our Advent focus is Jesus at the Center. In this series, we will explore how Jesus has been, is, and continues to be in the center of God’s plan for humans from creation to the second coming.

Fired Up

This Series explores the Book of Acts. Witness is the primary job of the Christian and the Church.

I Pray

Prayer should be an integral part of the Christian life. How do we make prayer more meaningful in our lives? When do we pray? How do we pray?  Pastor Chad Tingley explores these themes in this sermon series, "I Pray..."